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November 2017

First a big thank you to all who made the Chris Wood Trial such a resounding success.  There are many favourable comments on the club Facebook page and we have also received similar emails.

Being with the lads on the Saturday laying out the sections some of the climbs and cambers looked horrendous but it appears that certainly the best expert, Julian Harvey, had no problems losing just 5 dabs.  It is great to see young Joe Collins at the top of the south midland riders.  Perhaps he can knock the senior experts from their positions at the top of the table in the near future.  Sam Rolls, as best matchless rider, receives the Chris Wood Trophy which was won by his Dad over the last few years. 

Unfortunately we have no more Matchless events until January but I would recommend the K & K trial on the 26th November at Plashes Farm which is an easy going venue with no daunting sections and a good 5 mile ride round.  Also in December there is HUX trial at Bennington near Stevenage on 3rd and NEL at Bayford Woods on 10th – all good events for all classes.

Attached are the 2017 Club Championship results.  There were 7 rounds and the best 6 count.  10 points for each win, 9 second etc.  Well done to all the winners.

We now have the unique numbers which you need when applying for your 2018 trials registration with the ACU.  There is no need to renew your club membership until January.  If you are a current paid up member we will give you a unique number.  PLEASE RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP WITH MARGARET – NOT THE ACU.  Still £10.00, good value I think.

DATES 2018
We attended the dates meeting last Sunday and can confirm that the club calendar will be as follows:-

21st Jan.           Valentine Trial – Bourne Bridge.                   25th Feb.          Stonebridge Trial – Linton
15th Apr           Cuckoo Trial – Elsworth                                13th May          Ken Wood Trial – Abington
9th Sept            September Trial – Balsham                            7th Oct.            Harvest Trial – Croydon
4th Nov            Chris Wood Trial – Hinxton
Dates for the full Centre calendar will be publish when available.
Summer Series dates and venues have yet to be decided.

Following the dates meeting we stayed for the Centre AGM, very poorly attended these days – no changes at the top but Judith Ayres has advised that this will be her last year as treasurer so if anyone would like the job please let her know.

Later today Edgar and I will be attending the funeral of Derek Clampin a stalwart of the Eastern Centre and the ACU.  You may have seen this elderly gentleman (90) at some of our events.  He did come and have a look at the last summer series at Abington.  A great chap who did a lot for the sport.

Colin & Margaret